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About CallMyGrocer.com

A personal welcome to our site, as a child watching my parents as grocers, shopkeepers and later running the store myself, I always wondered who were the people behind the great brands that we sell and the great brands that will make a trend in the coming future.

Why was it that Old spice was always in and red packaging and “Gillette, was the best a man could get” who wrote these lines. The brands we love make a part of our daily household.

After several years working for a P&G distributor and later for a leading Water brand, it was clear to me that though the brands had made a good effort in connecting with the end consumer with years of research and study into consumer physiology, shopping habits etc. There was no or very little connection with the small grocer or the take away down the corner of your neighborhood.

Our Ambition & Vision

The ambition of Callmygrocer.com is to connect these Grocers to Brands and the Brands we love to our grocers and various channels in the FMCG sector.

Our vision is “to provide store owners transparency in pricing, packing and product information and the brands with clear and accurate market information”

Thank you for your support.

Please do give us your feedback and any issues you may face while using the site or related matters. It will be my pleasure to assist you.

CallMyGrocer Team